Runescape: A Guide to Sheild of Arrav, a Free to Play Quest

For this quest you will need to find a trustworthy friend who hasn’t yet finished the quest. You will have to make sure you communicate with each other in order to complete the quest and gain the reward. Now both of you will have to join different gangs at a later point during the quest, make sure you and your friend understand this detail. To start the quest you will need to travel to the Varrock castle library and ask the Librarian Reldo if he has a quest for you to complete. He will tell you about the Shield of Arrav and tell you that there is a book on one of the shelves.
You then will search all the bookshelves until you find a book. You will see the book in your inventory just click on it to read the book. After you finish go back to Reldo and he will tell you that you need to talk to Baraek the fur seller. Now you will need to go back to a bank and get twenty coins talk to the fur seller in Varrock square and give him the twenty gold coins to pay him for the information. If you then make your way to the southern gate of the city you will see a tramp in an alley near the sword shop. If you ask him he will tell you about the Black Arm Gang.

Now you and your friend will need to choose different gangs. There are two gangs the Black arm gang and the Phoenix gang. Your task will depend on which gang you join, and your affiliation will be used in future member only quests.

Let’s say that you chose to become a member in the Black Arm Gang. Then the gang’s leader Katrine will tell you that you need to steal some crossbows from the other gang. This is where you will need your friend to help you.

Your partner will be asked one of two tasks to complete the first one could be to retrieve a copy of a newspaper. This paper does not exist just tell your friend to return to the gang with that answer. In past versions of the quest they have asked the phoenix member to find a scroll. If this is the case then you will have to tell your friend that they need to go to the Blue Moon Inn. There they will have to kill Jonny the beard in order to retrieve the Scroll. Once he has the scroll he will need to take it to their Gang’s headquarters and talk to the gang leader. The gang is in a small house where the red explanation point is on your mini map. The leader will give your friend a key to a weapon storage house which is the house east of the hangout. Your friend will need to grab the first half of the shield from one of the bedrooms in the hangout. His shield half will be in a chest. Then he will need to go up into the store house and steal some crossbows from the house and return those bows to your gang’s leader.

Now you need to get your half of the shield. It will be in your gang’s hideout on the second floor in a cupboard. Get the other half of the shield from your partner and talk to the king inside of the Varrock castle. He will ask you to go to the museum to show the curator to authenticate the shield. The curator will give you two scrolls, one for you and one for your friend. Give your friend his scroll and go talk to the King again for your reward. Congratulations you have now finished this quest you will be rewarded with one quest point and 600 gold coins!