OSRS Waterfall Quest Guide


The waterfall quest is about a legendary hidden treasure that is located somewhere in the Baxtorian Falls osrs. There are a lot of secrets that lie within this waterfall, and one of which is the history of the Elven King Baxtorian. However, to move forward with the quest, there are few things that you need to know, and the following guide will help you through. So, let’s begin!


Even though the waterfall quest osrs is a long intermediate quest, you don’t need any special quest requirements to move forward. However, you will need a few items and specifically levelled skills to complete it. Your combat skills should be high enough to withstand the attacks from Fire Giants (Level 86) and Moss Guardians (Level 84). In terms of items, you’ll need Air Runes x6, Earth Runes x6, Water Runes x6, Rope, Teleportation Means (Ring of Dueling/Amulet of Fury), Food, and Defensive Equipment (If you’re a low-level player).

Brief Knowledge

In this waterfall quest osrs, you will be tasked to investigate the death of the former leader, Elven King Baxtorian. At one of the quest points, you will discover his tomb and the truth that lies behind the treasure that has been hidden in the waterfall area. There will be danger along your path to completing the quest, but if you have the necessary skill requirements, then nothing will stop you from finding the truth.

Starting The Quest

To begin this osrs waterfall quest guide, you must first travel to the north-eastern part of Baxtorian Falls to speak to Almera. Once you’re done with the conversation, you’ll gain access to board the raft and it’ll take you to the location of Hudon (Son of Almera who got lost under the falls). Speak to him and then look at the south end of where you’re standing – you’ll notice that there’s a rock. Use the rope in your inventory on the rock, and then use it again on the dead tree to get inside the barrel. When you reach the northern end of the building, you will meet Hadley, who is a tourist guide for the Lake of Baxtorian. Once she gives you information about the area, you can head upstairs and search the bookcases to obtain a Book on Baxtorian. Make sure that you click on the book at least once before continuing further.

Now, you’ll have to go to the Tree Gnome Village maze and within the maze lies a dungeon, which you need to enter. Once you’re in the dungeon, take a right to find the crate holding a key. From there, make your way west to open the locked gate, and continue, until you find Golrie. Speak to him and he’ll give you Glarial’s Pebble once you set him free. Moving forward, you have to head to Glarial’s Tomb, located in the north-eastern direction of the building where the Book on Baxtorian was found earlier. The pebble given to you can be used to enter the tomb, so make sure that you don’t leave it behind in your bank. Keep heading down the dungeon path, until you come across a chest that holds Glarial’s Amulet. Take it and head in the opposite direction to locate a coffin and obtain Glarial’s Urn from it.

Just keep in check that you have all the quest requirement items on you and that nothing is banked because it’s the final section of the quest. Now, return to Baxtorian Falls and get on the raft again to crash on the small island. From there, do the same as mentioned above (use the rock on the rope and then the dead tree). However, avoid getting inside the barrel this time, because you have to equip Glarial’s Amulet and enter through the visible entrance. Once you’re inside, head on the path that’s on your right and search the crates to obtain a key. Head back to the same path and take a left this time to find a door. Open the door using your key, but be cautious because there are many Fire Giants wandering around on the other side of the door.

Moving a little further, you’ll notice a pillar on which you have to plate your runes. Complete the task, go to the Glarial’s statue and place the amulet on it. Next, there’ll be a chalice trophy nearby on which you can place Glarial’s Urn. However, do remember to take the reward only after you’ve placed the urn at its rightful spot because otherwise, you’ll end up being flushed out of the room.

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